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New Technology is constantly being developed to advance the field of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Newman has always been at the forefront as an innovator and early adopter, making many things available to his patients once they are proven to be effective. The Advanced Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Manhattan, Westchester and Long Island takes pride in the fact that this practice is one of the most cutting-edge aesthetic and reconstructive practices in the country.

During Dr. Newman’s career he has been instrumental in the development of technology used by many Plastic Surgeons today. In addition he has served on the Innovative Technology Committee at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and has been a presenter at the ‘Hot Topics Forum’ at several national meetings. Dr. Newman is the doctor that introduced the concept of 3-Dimensional Surface Imaging to the world of Plastic Surgery and was given an award for this initial work by ASAPS. His research and design as the Medical Director for 3DMD, LLC is the technology behind the Vectra series of products marketed now by Canfield Scientific, Inc.

“As a surgeon at the forefront of Aesthetic Surgery it’s important to have every tool in my ‘toolbox’. “, says Dr. Newman. “ Many new innovations are not valid- but many are. It’s important to recognize which new concepts truly add value for my patients. Some are new surgical techniques and others are new devices that allow me to help my patients surgically or non-surgically. I pride myself on making everything that I honestly believe could help my patients available here in this practice. The result is that this is one of the most technologically advanced practices in the country.”

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