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One of the more common concerns regarding a woman’s appearance is related to her breasts. As women age, the effects of gravity on their breasts start to take a noticeable toll, creating sagging. This aesthetic issue can be compounded by the dramatic changes brought about by pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women are left feeling very aware of these breast changes and often feel less confident about their overall look. A breast lift is a surgical procedure designed restore perkiness and reduce sagging of the breasts.

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In addition to the increased fullness a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, can re-position nipples that are lower than desired and reduce the size of the areolae which frequently enlarges as the skin stretches.

Breast lift procedures use a variety of techniques. As one of the most experienced breast surgeons in the New York, Long Island and Westchester areas, Dr. Newman uses every available technique. The most common techniques include incisions from the outside that may include a vertical scar or a scar under the breast. In most cases today Dr. Newman will reshape the shape of the internal breast tissue itself giving a result that’s fuller and longer lasting than older techniques. In some cases only an incision around the areola is needed.

Using a technique known as the “Auto Implant,” Dr. Newman is able to significantly reshape and lift the breast from inside. This technique is ideal for candidates who are not interested in implants but want more fullness and breast projection.

With the Auto Implant procedure, Dr. Newman recruits breast tissue near the bottom portion of the breast and re-positions it under the breast it in a way improve projection and perkiness while also rounding out the upper portion of breast.

Aside from the Auto Implant procedure, Dr. Newman offers nearly every available surgical option when it comes to a breast lift. In certain situations, he can even implement a technique that leaves no visible scarring on the breast. Sometimes a small breast implant can be used in addition to a breast lift procedure to enhance the results significantly and reduce scars.

Other types of breast lift are the Crescent Lift (more of a nipple lift with an incision around the top half of the areola), the Vertical Lift (similar to the Inverted-T but without the incision under the breast), and the Horizontal Lift (a variation of the Inverted-T Lift but without the vertical incision).

Choosing the best breast lift technique will depend on the several factors, such as the severity of the sagging, the patient’s desired results, and the preferences of Dr. Newman. These options will be discussed in great detail during the initial consultation. From there, the doctor can get a better understanding of the patient’s cosmetic goals while also assessing the severity of the issue.

Dr. Scott Newman offers the highest quality care forged from years of training and experience. Call or email his office to make an appointment for your consultation today!

Breast Lift Surgery, also called ‘Mastopexy’ is a procedure that changes the shape of the breast.

Breast lift surgery by itself does not change the size of the breast; however, a breast lift is frequently done at the same time as a breast enlargement (breast augmentation) or breast reduction.

Patients who feel their breasts need to be ‘lifted’ fall into a variety of categories and the treatment for each has different possible options.

Dr. Newman has more experience than most surgeons in the country managing patients who need breast lifts.

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A breast lift helps reverse the effects of age, gravity and pregnancy, but over time aging and gravity will again take their toll. Patients undergoing breast lift surgery should be aware that the results might not be completely permanent.

Dr. Newman specializes in cosmetic surgery for the breasts, and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about breast lift surgery during a free initial consultation. For more information about breast lift surgery in the New York City area, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Newman, please contact us.

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