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Welcome To The New Website For Dr Newman

by Dr Newman on September 1, 2015 No comments

It has been a long time coming but finally we are happy to announce that we have our brand new site, is ready to go live. Well, almost…

There are some finishing touches and some additional helpful content that we will be publishing soon, so if you find anything out of the order or something not quite right, simply drop us a note on the contact page and we will get it fixed in a jiffy.

dr_scott_newman_aboutAs the voted Top Plastic Surgeon in NYC for the past 16 consecutive years, Dr. Scott E. Newman, MD PC, brings an incredible amount of experience and expertise to the table when you consider all that he has been able to achieve for his over 4,000 breast surgery patients these past 25 years.

Arguably the most experienced in this field of medicine, Dr Newman is also a widely respected plastic surgeon due to his warm and friendly bedside manner. Many patients testify to his level of care and understanding, surpassing most of his rivals, as we see the glowing testimonials from patients who have been fortunate enough to have their procedure done by him. Just listen to this:

I started out completely flat-chested and just wanted something so I can feel a little feminine. Dr. Newman showed me lots of pictures and suggested to me that I go a little larger than we did. I was stubborn and felt that it would be greedy if I went any larger. I love my result and, yes, I do wish I went a bit larger. Dr. Newman did my mother’s breast augmentation so this was the best recommendation I could ever get. I would recommend him to anyone as he was the only surgeon I went to who actually listened to what I wanted.

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The Only Surgeon Who Actually Listened To What I Wanted

Today in the fast moving pace of our modern lives, it is easy to allow the demands of time pressure to far outweigh some of the graces from generations past. This is where a surgeon who has the time to spend with his patients, getting to know their desired outcomes, understanding their fears and offering practical advice that is quite rare in these days of hustle and bustle, comes to our lives like a breath of fresh air. Dr Newman likes to take the time necessary to find out exactly what his patients are seeking to achieve through their chosen procedure.

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Click Here To See Before & After Photos

Whether you are seeking to revitalize a part of your body that has weathered the effects of raising children, succumbed to the ravages of inescapable gravity or the unfortunate effects of breast cancer, Dr Newman is a warm and inviting person who can offer you the best advice available. His facilities that he operates from, are state of the art and having offices in New York City, Long Island and Westchester, means he is able to meet your needs wherever you are located in the New York area.

If you are looking for the most qualified breast surgeon in New York City, then Dr Scott E. Newman is probably the doctor you should be talking to first and last, as there is simply no one else who comes close to being the right man for the job.

To see what he has been able to achieve for other people, you might like to visit the Breast Augmentation – Before & After Photos, to get an idea of how he may be able to help you.

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Dr NewmanWelcome To The New Website For Dr Newman